Industrial machinery oil suppliers

At M & R Distributors, we make it easy for our customers to keep their industrial machinery in the best condition. In our role as Hi-Tec Oils distributors we have a wide product range available for delivery in Geelong and throughout Victoria and interstate.

No matter the type of machinery or industrial equipment you own, when you’re looking for Geelong Hi-Tec Oils distributors or suppliers of other lubricants and associated products, there’s no need to look any further than M & R Distributors. We know how to improve machinery function for increased output and extended service life, and we provide specially formulated machinery oils, lubricants and fluids designed to:

  • maintain oil viscosity under high and low temperature extremes
  • increase machinery efficiency under high-pressure and high load-bearing conditions
  • prevent rust, corrosion, sludge, foaming and other build-ups
  • maintain chemical stability under stress.

As industrial machinery oil suppliers, M & R Distributors supply and deliver machinery transmission oils and synthetic lubricants for gears, clutch and brake systems, bearings and a variety of petrol and diesel engines.

We can also supply coolants and brake fluids and other industrial machine oils in Geelong and surrounds.

Talk to M & R Distributors about your needs and we can offer Hi-Tec Oils delivery  and delivery of other products in approximately 48 hours, depending on location and products required.

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Automotive gear oil distributors

M & R Distributors are also automotive gear oil distributors, ensuring cars, trucks and other machinery operate under varying conditions – including high and low temperature extremes. M & R Distributors offer both premium mineral and synthetic lubricants as well as diesel engine oils and two stroke machinery lubricant.

Mining lubricants distributors

If you need high-quality grease, cleaners or oils for mining equipment, M& R Distributors are mining lubricants distributors, supplying Hi-Tec Oils and other products for excavation and drilling machinery, processing equipment, compactors, trucks and other machinery.

Forestry machinery lubricants

Keep your fellers, harvesters, mulchers, forwarders and chainsaws in optimum condition with our range of forestry machinery lubricants. We can also deliver agricultural lubricants for tractors, trailers, harvesters, mowers and motorbikes.

Cleaning products

M & R Distributors supplies Reinol hand cleaners, cleaning detergents and paper products for the hospitality industry and Inox food-grade greases to meet food and drink processing regulations.