Can I get machinery oil for my agricultural machinery?

Our Hi-Tec machinery oil distributors provide lubricants, grease, oils and cleaning fluids for a wide range of industrial machinery, including

Can you find out what oil my machine, car or truck takes?

Yes. Our Hi-Tec Oils distributors can perform a full fleet analysis to determine the best engine oil for your private or commercial vehicles.

Can I use Hi-Tec Oils products in my car under warranty?

Hi-Tec Oils products, including automotive gear oils and automotive synthetic lubricants can be used in cars, as well as two and four stoke machinery without voiding the conditions of your warranty.

Do you order products in as requested for customers?

Talk to our Hi-Tec machinery oil distributors about your specific needs and we can order particular products, including mining lubricants and forestry machinery lubricants. M & R Distributors has our own delivery trucks with experienced drivers and we also rely on reputable couriers. Depending on location and products required, our Hi-Tec oils delivery takes approximately 48 hours.

Please contact us for a delivery quote or further information.