Our team of industry-leading machinery oil distributors in Geelong knows how to keep all your engines, equipment and machinery in top condition with the right lubrication. Whether you need a specific engine oil for your personal car or bulk industrial oil for your commercial business, we deliver across Geelong and Victoria.

At M & R Distributors, we supply high-quality machinery oils from the Hi-Tec Oils range. From synthetic to premium mineral oils, Hi-Tec Oils lubricants are specifically designed to meet required industry standards and regulations.

Hi-Tec Oils

Manufactured using the best quality base oils and supplemented by specially formulated additives, Hi-Tec Oils ensure your industrial machinery operates under high-pressure and extreme conditions for longer, reducing service requirements and costly downtime. From gears and differentials to power equipment, motors, engines and any working part of your machinery, our machinery oil distributors recommend Hi-Tec Oils for maximum lubrication and long-term high performance.

Industrial machinery oil suppliers

No matter how your machinery runs – whether petrol or diesel, two or four stroke, our automotive gear oil distributors deliver an extensive range of engine oils. Choose from synthetic or premium mineral variations, as well as multigrade and monograde products.

Specific industrial machines require different properties from lubricants. Our agricultural lubricants distributors look for oils that maintain viscosity in both hot and cold weather for optimum machinery operation in any conditions, while our mining lubricants distributors select oils that protect machinery through each stage of the mining process – from digging and drilling to refinement.

We also supply forestry machinery lubricants, designed to reduce corrosion and maintain engine efficiency under high pressure load-bearing.

As well as lubricants and oils, M & R Distributors works with leading suppliers to delivery specialty products for hospitality businesses – including detergents, skin-friendly Reinol hand cleaner and food-grade greases.


With a quarter-century of experience as leading agricultural lubricants distributors for Geelong and Victoria, we know how to keep your machinery operating, keep costs down and keep your farm running smoothly. Our range of Hi-Tec Oils lubricants, gear oil, transmission oils and other fluids are specially designed to service agricultural machinery. From tractors and trailers to...

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M & R Distributors keep each part of your vehicle in optimum condition with our range of automotive oils. We supply specially formulated Hi-Tec Oils for gears, transmissions and differentials, as well as petrol and diesel engine oils, coolants, brake fluids and a range of other specialty products. Whether you need a high-quality transmission oil...

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The forestry industry requires heavy-duty machinery to operate under harsh conditions – from weather extremes to high pressure load-bearing. Choosing the right forestry machinery lubricants leads to increased machinery performance, reduced maintenance requirements and greater efficiencies. Hi-Tec Oils products are designed for maximum lubrication and protection of all parts of your forestry machinery. Maintain engine health...

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There are strict regulations controlling machinery and equipment used in the hospitality industry. M & R Distributors provides a wide range of cleaning products to Geelong and Victorian hospitality businesses through leading suppliers Reinol, Inox and Hi-Tec Oils. For all workplaces M&R large range of paper products include paper towel , toilet tissue, tissues and...

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As leading industrial machine oil distributors for Geelong and Victoria, we understand how to keep heavy-duty, hard-working industrial machinery in peak condition. No matter the industry your business services, M & R Distributors provides machine oil and lubricant for a range of operating conditions and requirements. We recommend Hi-Tec Oils industrial machine oils for: industrial...

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Mining machinery and equipment is under high pressure throughout each stage of the mining process. No matter where your business is involved, our mining lubricants distributors ensure all equipment operates at the highest standard for longer periods of time. From pit-drilling to refinement and final processing, our mining lubrication suppliers keep your machinery operating cleanly, including:...

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