There are strict regulations controlling machinery and equipment used in the hospitality industry. M & R Distributors provides a wide range of cleaning products to Geelong and Victorian hospitality businesses through leading suppliers Reinol, Inox and Hi-Tec Oils.

Eco friendly paper products

For all workplaces M&R large range of paper products include paper towel , toilet tissue, tissues and hand towel.

Skin-friendly hand cleaner

For workers in hospitality, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene practices are an important part of everyday life. When it comes to washing your hands, we recommend skin-friendly Reinol hand cleaner.  This industrial-strength hand cleaner is solvent-free, containing only natural ingredients and essential oils to leave hands feeling fresh and clean without drying them out.

Food grade grease and lubricants

Both Hi-Tec Oils and Inox provide food-grade lubricants and grease for food and drink processing plants. These industrial machinery oils are graded to meet relevant food contact requirements while improving machinery function through lubrication of gears, chains, bearings and circulating oil systems.

Other specialty industry cleaning products available include heavy duty paper towel, coffee cups, laundry powder and detergents. Our Hi-Tec Oils distributors also provide industrial machine oils and automotive synthetic lubricant across the agricultural, forestry and mining industries.