Mining machinery and equipment is under high pressure throughout each stage of the mining process. No matter where your business is involved, our mining lubricants distributors ensure all equipment operates at the highest standard for longer periods of time.

Mining lubrication suppliers

From pit-drilling to refinement and final processing, our mining lubrication suppliers keep your machinery operating cleanly, including:

  • excavation and drilling equipment
  • conveyor belts and processing machinery
  • compactors, vibrating plates, screens, crushers and granulators
  • trucks and machine engines.

Correct lubrication using industrial machine oil ensures your machinery operates under high pressures, across a wide temperature range and remains clean for optimum functionality.

M & R Distributors supplies Hi-Tec Oils including hydraulic fluids, compressor oils, diesel engine oils, transmission oils, industrial machinery grease and industrial and automotive gear oils for differentials and final drives.

Please contact us for more information about our range of lubricants for mining machinery.