Choosing the right automotive gear oils leads to a huge difference in the durability and running life of your cars, trucks and other machinery. If you’re wondering how to decide on the best lubricant for your specific needs, our automotive gear oil distributors are here to help with supply and delivery from Geelong and across Victoria.

Automotive synthetic lubricant suppliers

Synthetic automotive gear oils are a popular choice due to the advantages of the manufacturing process. Beginning with base chemicals including alcohols and hydrocarbon gases, synthetic motor oils offer superior lubrication. Specific additives, including extreme pressure (EP) additives enhance the properties of machinery gear oil to provide:

  • improved high temperature and high load performance
  • corrosion protection
  • low temperature fluidity.

Our automotive gear lubricant distributors recommend the Hi-Tec Oils range of synthetic gear oils for differentials, manual transmissions, transfer cases and final drives. In addition to meeting classification requirements including API GL-4, API GL-5, MT-1 and Mack GO-J, Hi-Tec oils have specifically manufactured lubricants for:

  • Roadranger gearboxes
  • Mercedes-Benz axle specification MB 235.20
  • Volvo 97312 specification.

Synthetic oils can last up to three times longer than premium oils, making it an economical choice for both private and commercial buyers.

Premium Hi-Tec oil distributors

M & R Distributors supply premium automotive gear oils state-wide in any quantity – from 1L for small, private customers through to 1000L or bulk orders for commercial customers. We also deliver anywhere in the state, for maximum convenience and minimum disruption.

In many cases, with regular oil changes and scheduled servicing, conventional premium automotive oils will keep your car in optimum working order.

Hi-Tec premium oils are manufactured directly from crude oil and require less engineering than synthetic lubricants, offering a cost-effective option that still provides thermal stability, lubrication and general improved engine performance.

Available products include gear oils, limited slip gear oils and extra range multigear (XRMR) oils. Our industrial machinery oil suppliers also deliver hydraulic and compressor oils.

Please contact us for more information or to place your order with our automotive gear oil distributors.