Keep your petrol and light diesel engine in optimum working condition for longer with high-quality synthetic lubricants and semi-synthetic engine oils. Our two and four stroke machinery lubricant distributors operate from Geelong and across Victoria, delivering to private and commercial vehicle owners and servicing industrial machinery requirements.

Petrol and light diesel engine oils

For most petrol and four stroke machinery operating under extreme conditions, M & R Distributors recommends the Hi-Tec Oils range. Whether your vehicle is required for high-temperature highway driving or infrequent, stop-start driving, working with our lubricant distributors ensures optimal engine health and working life.

Hi-Tec Oils full synthetic engine oils are manufactured using cutting edge technology to combine environmentally friendly and low SAPS additives for maximum engine protection and lubrication. Synthetic oils feature a range of additives designed to meet the challenges of old and newer engines alike.

Talk to our automotive synthetic lubricant suppliers about your specific needs, including vehicles with exhaust after treatment systems, high-performance vehicles, gasoline and light van diesel engines.

Semi-synthetic engine oils blend mineral and full synthetic oils to enhance oxidation resistance, inhibit sludge formation and improve overall engine cleanliness. These oils include specially formulated additives for higher viscosity and fluidity across varying engine temperatures, resulting in longer engine life.

For a top-quality professional workshop oil, we recommend Hi-Tec Oils range of mineral engine oils. Features include excellent cold temperature starting, protection against high temperatures and lower oxidation for a cleaner, longer lasting engine.

To keep your four stroke racing engine in peak condition, Hi-Tec Oils super high performance engine oils are designed for sustained lubrication under high-pressure conditions – including increased load limits, high operating temperatures, extreme speed and turbocharging.

We also supply monograde and multigrade diesel engine oils for Geelong and throughout Victoria.

Small engine oils

Our two stroke machinery lubricant distributors also provide Hi-Tec Oils for mowers, motorcycles and power tools. M & R Distributors also supplies industrial machine oil and automotive four stroke outboard oils. Please contact us to find out more about the full range of products available for delivery.