Our Geelong Hi-Tec machinery oils distributors provide top-quality oils, lubricants and other products to improve the operating life of your machinery. Keep all equipment – from engines to gears, bearings, transmission, brake and clutch systems, hydraulics and power tools – in pristine condition, reducing the need for maintenance while increasing output.

Hi-Tec Oils distributors

Hi-Tec Oils are fabricated to ensure:

  • optimum viscosity across varying temperatures
  • high-pressure and high temperature stability
  • corrosion, foam, rust and oxidation protection
  • protection from sludge and other build-ups
  • high-load bearing stability
  • low temperature fluidity.

Specifically manufactured products are the first choice for our agricultural lubricants distributors and mining lubrication suppliers – offering advanced protection, increased operating efficiency and machine stability in harsh, high-pressure conditions.

Our Hi-Tec Oils distributors also deliver coolant and brake fluids and food-grade industrial machinery oil across Victoria.

Synthetic lubricants suppliers

A well-lubricated engine is a well-performing engine. Our automotive gear oil distributors know which oil delivers the best performance for each engine. Formulated using quality base oils and special advanced additive technology, we supply automotive gear oils and synthetic lubricants for an extensive range of vehicles, including:

For more information about the full range of Hi-Tec Oils, lubricants and cleaning products M & R Distributors supplies, please contact us or refer to our machinery oil distributors FAQ.

Hi-Tec gear lubricant

Automotive Gear Oils

Choosing the right automotive gear oils leads to a huge difference in the durability and running life of your cars, trucks and other machinery. If you’re wondering how to decide on the best lubricant for your specific needs, our automotive gear oil distributors are here to help with supply and delivery from Geelong and across Victoria. Synthetic...

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Premier Petrol Engine Oil

Petrol & Light Diesel Engine Oils

Keep your petrol and light diesel engine in optimum working condition for longer with high-quality synthetic lubricants and semi-synthetic engine oils. Our two and four stroke machinery lubricant distributors operate from Geelong and across Victoria, delivering to private and commercial vehicle owners and servicing industrial machinery requirements. For most petrol and four stroke machinery operating...

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Multigrade diesel engine oil

Diesel Engine Oils

Choosing the right diesel engine oils improves engine operation in all conditions, reduces corrosion and other wear and tear and maximises engine cleanliness. At M & R Distributors, we supply both multigrade and monograde diesel engine oils for engines operating under high temperatures throughout Geelong and wider Victoria. Monograde diesel engine oils are generally classified into...

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Hi-Tec super tractor oil

Agricultural & Farm Oils

We’re passionate about your business – no matter whether you need 5L of transmission oil for your personal tractor or 5000L for heavy-duty industrial machinery, our team of agricultural lubricants distributors travel from Geelong to any location in Victoria. When it comes to the best lubricants for agricultural machinery, M & R Distributors can’t go past the...

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Transmission & Drive Train Oil

Transmission Oils

M & R Distributors deliver premium mineral and full synthetic ATF fluids to customers from Geelong and Victoria. Our machinery transmission oil suppliers help achieve the best results and protection for engines used in mining, agriculture, forestry and an extensive range of industrial machinery. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your transmission oil approximately every two years. If you...

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Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oil ISO 68

Industrial Oils

At M & R Distributors, we understand what makes heavy-duty industrial machinery work and how to keep it working at optimum capacity. As leading industrial machinery oil suppliers, we supply a range of products designed to reduce maintenance and downtime across Geelong’s industries. For top quality transmission oils, fire resistant oils, gear oils, cutting oils and biodegradable...

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Long life coolant green

Coolants & Brake Fluids

Applying the right lubrication and protection for your machinery is an important part of ensuring optimum operation and extended working life. At M & R Distributors we supply brake fluids, premixed and concentrate coolants to suit gas, petrol and diesel engines for a variety of industries. Keeping your brakes in the best working condition is...

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Cleaning chemicals

At M & R Distributors, we deliver an extensive range of specialty hospitality products, available in Geelong for delivery throughout Victoria. Whether you run a home workshop or have to adhere to strict industry regulations, our high-quality products make your life easier. If you work in the hospitality industry, you’ll understand the importance of a clean...

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toilet jumbo paper roll dispenser

Paper Products

M&R offers a range of locally owned paper products. All our products are available state-wide, with a local click and collect available. We have a large range of products available for purchase. Some of the available paper products include: – Facial tissue – Toilet paper – Paper towel – Dispensers – Wet and Dry wipes...

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Cleaning Accessories

M&R is proud to supply Australian, family-owned company NAB Clean cleaning accessories. M & R Distributors can order specific products in quantities as required, so please contact us to find out more about our full product range, including: Brush – Broom, Dustpan and laundry scrub Rags Buckets Bins Dispensers Dusters Clothes, Wipes, Sponges and Scourers You can...

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cutlery napkin takeaway packaging

Food Packaging

M&R is proud to supply food packaging products to the Geelong and greater Geelong region. M&R specialise in eco-friendly high quality, disposable food packaging supplies as we care for the environment. We source packaging that is Biodegradable Recyclable Compostable Sustainable materials Eco-friendly Grease resistant Strong and durable Highlights food presentation Our extensive range of products...

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Safety Gear

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