Hi-Tec machinery oil distributors for Geelong and Victoria

M & R Distributors is an Australian-owned company with more than 20 years in the business of Hi-tec machinery oil distribution. We distribute for 10 Australian-owned companies and pride ourselves on offering our customers a one-stop-shop business solution.

Our Hi-Tec Oils distributors offer fast, friendly and old-fashioned service, always going that extra step to help our customers. We strongly believe in supporting independent business and companies.

Whether you’re looking for automotive gear oil distributors that deliver to your rural property or industrial machine oil distributors that provide mining lubricants, our product range offers quality and reliability while being competitiveness for the business owner.

M & R Distributors supplies Hi-Tec Oils and synthetic lubricants for a vast market segment including forestry machinery, agricultural and farm oils and cleaning products for the hospitality industry.

Please take a look at the latest Hi-Tec Oils news or contact us for more information.

Our Team

Monique started running her own business at 18. While daunting at the start, she utilised her parents mentoring of hard work and customer service to build the M & R Distributors business. Over the years Monique has seen her business diversify to cater for a growing demand from customers to provide them with a ‘one stop shop’. Her...

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