Applying the right lubrication and protection for your machinery is an important part of ensuring optimum operation and extended working life. At M & R Distributors we supply brake fluids, premixed and concentrate coolants to suit gas, petrol and diesel engines for a variety of industries.

Hi-Tec Oils brake fluids

Keeping your brakes in the best working condition is vitally important – not only for your safety and the safety of those around you, but also for the overall health of your machinery. We recommend Hi-Tec Oils premium quality brake lubricants.

As well as meeting the required API and SAE standards, Hi-Tec Oils brake fluids also meet DOT 3 and DOT 4 specifications. Manufactured to withstand a high boiling point, these products:

  • protect clutch and brake systems, ensuring adequate lubrication
  • protect from corrosion
  • enhance system seals and prevent leaks
  • perform well under low temperatures.

Most manufacturers recommend brake fluids are changed every two years. You can check your owner’s manual to see if brake fluid is included as part of the maintenance schedule. If in doubt, you can choose to replace brake fluids in line with other brake work.

With 48-hour delivery across Geelong and Victoria, you can save both time and costly repairs by having your brake fluids delivered to your door. M & R Distributors supply Hi-Tec Oils brake fluids in a range of quantities, from 500mL up to 200L or talk to us about ordering custom amounts.

Premixed and concentrate coolants

Maintaining correct engine temperature is crucial to the safe and continued operation of any machinery. Coolants absorb heat from the engine through the radiator, ensuring the engine does not overheat, while also being formulated to regulate engine temperature against freezing conditions.

M & R Distributors stocks the Hi-Tec Oils range, offering both premixed and concentrate coolants for automotive vehicles, trucks, agricultural and forestry machinery.

Concentrate coolants

Choosing the right coolant for your vehicle or machinery is important. A wide variety of concentrate coolants are available, specifically manufactured to deliver certain properties:

  • conventional green coolants blend ethylene glycol and corrosion inhibitors for optimum engine reliability
  • red coolants use organic acid technology (OAT) and supplementary coolant additives (SCAs) to prevent corrosion, scaling and hard water deposits
  • yellow/green coolants feature hybrid technology, compatible with both conventional and OAT coolants.

The Hi-Tec Oils range features long-life concentrate coolants designed to last five years or up to 250 000 kilometres for passenger vehicles and light commercial use, extending the time between coolant changes.

Premixed coolants

M & R Distributors also provides a selection of premixed coolants in red, blue and green varieties. Premixed coolants generally last up to two years, providing corrosion, antifreeze and antiboil protection for gas, petrol and diesel engines.

If you are unsure whether premixed or concentrate coolant is best for your machinery, please refer to your owner’s manual or contact us for more information. You can also take a look at our full range of Hi-tec machinery oils.