Choosing the right diesel engine oils improves engine operation in all conditions, reduces corrosion and other wear and tear and maximises engine cleanliness. At M & R Distributors, we supply both multigrade and monograde diesel engine oils for engines operating under high temperatures throughout Geelong and wider Victoria.

Monograde diesel engine oils

Monograde diesel engine oils are generally classified into summer and winter-grades, according to the oil viscosity under set temperatures. The Hi-Tec Oils range of SAE monograde engine oils 30, 40 and 50 are specifically suited to engines operating under higher temperatures.

These oils are formulated to include detergents and dispersants to maintain engine cleanliness, as well as protection from rust and corrosion. Hi-Tec Oils SAE 40 monograde oil meets the specific requirements for Detroit Diesel two stroke engines and is also suitable for use in industrial machinery and mining lubrication.

You can refer to your owner’s manual to determine whether your engine requires monograde or multigrade diesel engine oil.

Multigrade diesel engine oils

Where monograde oils are rated to operate within a limited temperature range, multigrade diesel engine oils combine the latest technology base oils with additives for optimum engine performance.

Ideal for heavy-duty and turbo-charged diesel engines operating in harsh conditions, the additives ensure oil viscosity is maintained as temperatures change for advanced lubrication, protection against rust and corrosion and reduced friction.

Multigrade diesel engine oils combine the benefits of thin oils for starting engines at lower temperatures with the benefits of viscous oils for engine lubrication and cleanliness at higher temperatures. Multigrade oils offer year-round, improved overall fuel economy and stable engine performance in varying conditions, as well as less drain on car batteries from cold starts.

At M & R Distributors, we supply industry-leading Hi-Tec Oils products, including:

  • Euro diesel engine oil that meets ACEA E6 and Euro V emission requirements. Ideal for car, bus, truck and fleet managers seeking long term savings on running costs. Lower SAPS – sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulfur – than conventional automotive gear oils.
  • Fleetmaster CJ-4 15W/40 engine oil for the latest low-emission US engines with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems, Caterpillar ACERT and Volvo engines. High-dispersant, anti-wear four stroke machinery lubricant.
  • Fleetmaster J-TEC 15W/40 engine oil specifically designed for modern Japanese-made diesel engines. High calcium-based additives reduce carbon formation and improve oil consumption rates and overall engine performance.

M & R Distributors also supplies coolants and brake fluids in Geelong and throughout Victoria.