M & R Distributors deliver premium mineral and full synthetic ATF fluids to customers from Geelong and Victoria. Our machinery transmission oil suppliers help achieve the best results and protection for engines used in mining, agriculture, forestry and an extensive range of industrial machinery.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your transmission oil approximately every two years. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it could signal you need to flush your transmission:

  • slipping gears or problems changing gears, including gears changing too early or too late
  • grinding or other noises
  • vehicles surging forwards or backwards for no apparent reason.

M & R Distributors recommends Hi-Tec Oils transmission fluid for shear stability and viscosity performance. We are also automotive gear oil distributors for Geelong and the surrounding areas

Full synthetic automatic transmission fluids

Full synthetic automatic transmission fluids are specially formulated to keep the gears in your engine running smoothly under variations in temperature and operating environment. Excellent cold oil flow means critical transmission components remain lubricated in cooler temperatures, increasing engine and fuel efficiency.

Anti-shudder, anti-foaming and thermal and oxidative stability means Hi-Tec Oils full synthetic ATF keeps transmission systems clean over longer periods of time and under high temperature and high load conditions.

Available products in the full synthetic automatic transmission fluids range include Multitrans fluids designed for North American, Asian and European vehicles; Universal continuously variable transmission (CVT) and DX6, made to service Holden model cars.

Premium mineral ATF

M & R Distributors also supplies Hi-Tec Oils premium mineral transmission fluids for extended transmission and brake system operation. Variants include anti-wear, temperature stability, low temperature fluidity and high-friction performance properties.

Please contact us to find out more about specific premium mineral ATF products including:

  • Transmission and drive train oil (TDTO)
  • power steering fluid.

Our Hi-Tec machinery oil distributors also supply industrial machine oil and mining lubricants.