With a quarter-century of experience as leading agricultural lubricants distributors for Geelong and Victoria, we know how to keep your machinery operating, keep costs down and keep your farm running smoothly.

Our range of Hi-Tec Oils lubricants, gear oil, transmission oils and other fluids are specially designed to service agricultural machinery. From tractors and trailers to chainsaws, harvesters, mowers, loaders and motorcycles, ensure your machinery withstands the rigours of operation.

Machinery lubrication oils, gear oil and transmission oil

Keep your agricultural power-driven equipment in top working order with machinery lubrication oils. Whether you need two or four stroke diesel engine oil, hydraulic oils, gear oils or transmission oils, the Hi-Tec Oils range is formulated to:

  • increase lubrication
  • maintain oil viscosity over greater temperature ranges, protecting machinery in both cold and hot operating conditions
  • decrease wear and tear, including brake chatter and clutch wear
  • maintain engine cleanliness and reduce sludge build-up
  • improve engine and machinery efficiency, reducing maintenance and part replacement.

Our agricultural lubricants distributors also supply coolants, greases and cleaning agents for agricultural and other industrial machinery. Please contact us to find out more about Victoria-wide delivery.