At M & R Distributors, we deliver an extensive range of specialty hospitality products, available in Geelong for delivery throughout Victoria. Whether you run a home workshop or have to adhere to strict industry regulations, our high-quality products make your life easier.

Cleaning disinfectants

If you work in the hospitality industry, you’ll understand the importance of a clean workplace in keeping everyone healthy!  M&R Range of  Gently perfumed cleaner and sanitisers can be used for all floor surfaces, bathrooms and food surfaces. It is able to kill micro organisms in a matter of minutes. It also can be used as a deodoriser to provide a fresh orange or lemon scent.

Our product range includes:

Hospitality cleaning products:

Disinfectant: A quality disinfectant with a unique refreshing fragrance. Contains surface agents which effectively cleans and deodorises. A safe and pleasant disinfectant which leaves all washable surfaces hygienically clean. We offer scents of lemon, orange, musk, jasmine and hospital grade.

Apple scented Dishwashing liquid: All-purpose biodegradable detergent specially formulated for hand dishwashing as it cuts grease and grime quickly, leaving all dishes sparkling clean. Ideal for the domestic and industrial requirement.

No Rinse food sanitizer:  A safe natural non-toxic formula that removes and inhibits bacteria. The no-rinse product leaves behind a food safe film that prevents bacteria from multiplying. The 100% biodegradable product is perfect on benchtops, floors & fridges.

Heavy duty cleaner: A concentrated, heavy duty solution formulated for the safe & effective removal of heavy grease and oil in kitchen & food preparation areas. Not suitable for use on aluminium utensils.

BBQ and oven cleaner: An advanced aerosol formula will cut through baked on grease and grime in only minutes, no scrubbing or scraping required – just wipe off for a mirror finish every time. Ideal for cleaning ovens, BBQ grills and stainless steel.

Bathroom cleaning chemicals:

Window Cleaner: A quality sprays on wipe off window glass and hard surface cleaner. Use on all glass, mirrors, porcelain, chrome and stainless steel. Fast, streak-free cleaning.

Toilet cleaner: A quality mild acid based toilet bowl cleaner with ‘High Cling’ properties for cleaning urinals, toilet bowls, shower areas, wash basins and baths.

Jiffy Cleaner: A cream cleanser with polishing and soil suspending agents. Suitable for kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Can also clean and polish marble, porcelain, copper, chrome, silverware & stainless steel.

Hand & Body  Cleaning Products

For workers in hospitality, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene practices are an important part of everyday life. When it comes to washing your hands, we recommend skin-friendly Reinol hand cleaner.  This industrial-strength hand cleaner is solvent-free, containing only natural ingredients and essential oils to leave hands feeling fresh and clean without drying them out.

We also stock our own M&R’s antibacterial hand wash. It is the perfect addition to your kitchen but also the bathroom for the ultimate clean.

Cleaning accessories

M & R Distributors can order specific products in quantities as required, so please contact us to find out more about our full product range, including:

  • Paper products – toilet tissue, hand towel  and tissue
  • Brush – Broom, Dustpan and laundry scrub
  • Gloves
  • Safety eyewear
  • Rags
  • Laundry powder
  • Buckets