At M & R Distributors, we believe in going the extra mile to help our customers – literally! We will coordinate delivery of our Hi-Tec machinery oil, lubricants and other industrial products across Geelong, regional Victoria and interstate.

Our Hi-Tec Oils distributors understand how important it is for businesses to have machinery in optimum working condition and how costly it can be if machinery needs to be shut down for maintenance. With our own delivery drivers and trucks, as well as reputable courier partners, we can deliver vital oils and lubricants to most locations in 48 hours.

Whether you need specific mining lubrication, forestry machinery lubricants or agricultural lubricants, talk to M & R Distributors about ordering products in as needed. Our automotive gear oil distributors also deliver oils for passenger and commercial vehicles and industrial machinery.

Please note the delivery fee depends on the specific order and location. Please contact our Hi-Tec Oils distributors for a quote.