The forestry industry requires heavy-duty machinery to operate under harsh conditions – from weather extremes to high pressure load-bearing. Choosing the right forestry machinery lubricants leads to increased machinery performance, reduced maintenance requirements and greater efficiencies.

Hi-Tec Oils products are designed for maximum lubrication and protection of all parts of your forestry machinery. Maintain engine health with two and four stroke machinery lubricants for diesel engines, including monograde and multigrade variations. Transmission oils and machinery gear oils provide corrosion protection and ensure smooth operation in high or low temperatures.

M & R Distributors supply lubricants for forestry machinery including:

  • tracked fellers
  • mulchers
  • tracked and wheeled harvesters and log harvesters
  • skidder
  • excavators
  • forwarders
  • chainsaws.

If you have an item of forestry machinery not listed above, please contact us and we can order specific machinery oil as required. M & R Distributors are also leading mining lubrication suppliers for Geelong, delivering throughout Victoria.