At M & R Distributors, we understand what makes heavy-duty industrial machinery work and how to keep it working at optimum capacity. As leading industrial machinery oil suppliers, we supply a range of products designed to reduce maintenance and downtime across Geelong’s industries.

For top quality transmission oils, fire resistant oils, gear oils, cutting oils and biodegradable lubricants, we recommend the Hi-Tec Oils range. These products have been specifically manufactured to withstand the extreme conditions found in the industrial, transport and heavy-duty equipment industries.

Our industrial machine oil distributors can deliver across Victoria within 48 hours. Take a look at our range below and contact us with any enquiries. M & R Distributors will also order industrial machinery oils and other lubricants as required.

Hydraulic oils

Hi-Tec hydraulic lubrication oils contain performance-enhancing additives to increase corrosion protection, remain chemically stable under high operating temperatures and pressures and maintain high viscosity across an extended temperature range.  Available products include:

  • Hydraulic Oils ISO 10, 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150
  • HVI Hydraulic Oils ISO 32, 46, 68, 100
  • HXVI Hydraulic Oils ISO 32, 46, 68, 100.

Biodegradable lubricants, food grade & fire resistant oils

Food and drink processing plants have additional requirements when it comes to lubrication – not only to keep machinery operating safely and effectively, but maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Hi-Tec Oils Food Grade Machine Oil ISO 320, 460, 680 is a synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant applicable for gears, bearings, chain applications and circulating oil systems in food processing equipment. This product is formulated to meet the incidental food contact requirements under NSF H1 grading.

For hydraulic systems in food processing plants, we recommend Hi-Tec Oils FG Bio Hydraulic Oil ISO 32, 46, 68. A combination of synthetic hydrocarbons and selected additives provides protection against machinery wear and high temperatures and prevents deposit build-up.

In industries where the threat of fire is present or in environmentally sensitive situations, M & R Distributors provides:

  • Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid Q888-46, 68
  • Fire Resistant QA720 Hydraulic Fluid.

Compressor Oils

Hi-Tec compressor oils deliver lubrication for compressors, bearings, enclosed gears and circulating systems not requiring extreme high-pressure load characteristics. Where high-pressure protection is required, use Hi-Tec hydraulic lubrication oils.

Industrial gear oils

If your machinery gears and bearings operate under high pressure and high temperature conditions, Hi-Tec Oils industrial gear oils contain special additives for increased protection against foam, corrosion, rust and oxidation. The range includes:

  • SYNMACH Synthetic Machine Oils 220 to 460
  • Machine Oils MP 68 to 680.

Our automotive synthetic lubricant suppliers can also deliver specially manufactured gear oils for private and commercial customers across Victoria.

Cutting oils

For drilling, tapping, threading, boring, grinding and other light to moderate machining, Hi-Tec Oils cutting fluids maintain cleanliness and temperature when cutting an extensive range of metals, without leaving a sticky residue on machinery.

Multi-functional fluids

Products available include:

  • Chain Bar Oil 100 to 220 for chain and sprocket lubrication
  • Rock Drill Oil 100 to 460 prevents rust and oxidation for air-operated machinery
  • Slideway Oil 32 to 220 provides tacky lubrication for planers, guides, lathes and other machine tools
  • thermally stable Heat Transfer Oil 12 to 90 for industrial heating and cooling systems
  • Premium Turbine Oils 32 to 320 provide high oxidation stability, emulsification resistance and corrosion inhibition.