David MacDonald Sales Manager

I take pride in my knack for breaking down ambitious goals into manageable steps. I’m thrilled to have instilled my commitment to exceptional customer service within M&R. My professional journey has spanned roles as a travel agent, artist, and office supplies sales expert. For three years, New Zealand was my home and I am looking forward to future travels to Spain. In my downtime, I enjoy skateboarding, camping, and reading!

Monique Holmes-Richardson  CEO

Monique started running her own business at 18. While daunting at the start, she utilised her parents mentoring of hard work and customer service to build the M & R Distributors business.

Over the years Monique has seen her business diversify to cater for a growing demand from customers to provide them with a ‘one stop shop’. Her willingness to source and provide her customers with quality products and fast customer service has seen the business grow to what it is today.

Monique is passionate about what she distributes and her customers. She is actively involved in the local ‘Our Women Our Children’, raising funds for women and children in Geelong and surrounds.

When not running her company, Monique loves being a taxi for her children.

Stephen Beckley Sales team

Stephen has many years’ experience providing guidance as a mentor in the hospitality industry. Since joining M & R Distributors, he has been instrumental in helping shape the company’s philosophy on customer service.

Stephen loves that his job allows him to travel to outer city towns providing them with a great level of customer service and quality products. He is known to get a happy snap of a local koala or kangaroo he may pass on his travels.

When not working, Stephen loves to fish and spend time with his gorgeous grandchildren.

Chloe richardson profile

Chloe Richardson Marketing Coordinator

Chloe is our youngest team member, having joined our team in 2016 to provide a youthful insight into marketing our brand. Her knowledge of social media has seen M&R Distributors enter this exciting form of advertising.

Chloe is enjoying being mentored by all the M&R Distributors team members and broadening her knowledge of customer service. She keeps everyone updated with meeting agendas and new marketing material.

When Chloe isn’t at M&R Distributors she is working for her own small business Chloe Richardson Creative.