Complete a car safety check in preparation for the christmas holidays

December 1, 2016Holiday preparations. Pre teen children enjoy many Christmas presents in car trunk. Cold winter, snow weather.

Christmas is soon approaching.

Its time to start looking forward to crazy last minute gift shopping and yummy Christmas lunch. However within all the chaos its often easy to forget to make sure our vehicles are in the best condition. The summer heat and long drives visiting family throughout the Christmas period can not create the best conditions for your car to run both safely and efficiently .

Luckily M&R are here are to provide some tips to look after your car, unfortunately we can’t help you with dealing with the family haha.

  1. In order to get to your family events both on time and to avoid stress a GPS system is a must. Either on your apple or android device or a GPS gadget this device will help you map out your journey without the stress of the melways.
  2.   Clean and organise your car for the journey. Cleaning your car is a must because it can help avoid those extra stains on your clothing by not leaning on the dust on your car or sitting in leftover food. To clean the outside of your vehicle you can use the M&R fleet wash that provides a superior vehicle clean removing any dust and grime.
  3.  Make sure to top up your coolant. With the Australian summer its necessary to keep on top of your coolant levels. Contact M&R for all your coolant for your business vehicles or for personal use look on the Hi-tec website for your closest coolant stockist.
  4.  Another must is making sure to check the tread/wear on your tyres. Between the summer heat and those occasional storms your tyres must be in top shape to deal with all different road conditions.
  5. Lastly make sure that you visit your local mechanic for a vehicle safety check and service. This ensures that your vehicle is running efficiently and can cope with your Christmas travels, as there nothing worse than waiting for a tow truck in the heat!

M&R wish you the best Merry Christmas and new year, Safe travels!

Please contact us if you have any further inquires as we are more than happy to answer all your questions.