Yearly Archive: 2017

Tyre Shine Aerosol

Shine this summer, with Hi-Tec Tyre shine

December 9, 2017

Summer is here and its your time to shine! Hi- Tec provides the ultimate car care. One of their products ” Tyre Shine” is summers must have to have your car looking its best. It is a clear, colourless liquid with a hydrocarbon odour the rapid action solvent formula is made for ease. With its...

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Get into gear with Hi-Tec range of Gear oils

November 4, 2017

Hi-Tec GEAR OILS are superior GL-5 gear oils  which are specifically designed to provide: Excellent Thermal Stability, Much Improved Oil Seal Life, Much Improved Durability and Much Improved Corrosion Protection to Yellow Metals in both wet and dry conditions. For  a quick guide on what benefits Gear oil provides read below ! BENEFITS OXIDATION STABILITY: Hi-Tec GEAR OILS avoid...

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October 5, 2017

M&R is your is your one stop shop for all your Hydraulic oil needs. What do you use Hydraulic oil for you may ask ? Hydraulic oil can be used for all your Loader bucket or hoisting needs. Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils are blended from high quality mineral oils possessing a high viscosity index and low pour point. Hi-Tec...

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Spring clean with M&R Cleaning Chemical range.

September 3, 2017

Spring is here Now that spring is here , its time to get cleaning. This doesn’t mean you have to buy multiple and a endless amount of products , because M&R’s Cleaning Chemical range is budget friendly and has multipurpose use. For your Bathroom facilities M&R’s favourite product is our Miranac. The perfect multipurpose window...

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Keep your filter clean with Hi-Tec range of Oil filters

August 10, 2017

Hi-Tec Oils oil filters are a superior quality oil filter designed to meet and exceed demanding vehicle manufacturers specifications and are fully interchangeable with other popular oil filter manufacturers. Hi-Tec filters assists to prevent damage to the engines bottom end, including bearings and crankshaft and maintains long oil filter life, protecting the engine between service intervals....

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Hi Tech engines need Hi-Tec car care products

July 27, 2017

Need the ultimate car care? Hi- Tec range of car products can give you all the help you need. Hi-Tec Specialty Products are a premium group of lubricants to service a wide range of specialty cleaning products, car care products, greases and pumping equipment. Hi-Tec Specialty Oils are developed to meet and exceed the relevant...

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Use windscreen additive to keep your car safe on the road

May 15, 2017

With winters stormy conditions its necessary for you to have the cleanest windscreen to provide the ultimate safe drive on the road. Windscreen Wiper Replacement by Professional Auto Service Technician M&R’s chemical range can provide you with the ideal windscreen additive to provide a clean windscreen regardless of the roads conditions. M&R Miranac is a heavy...

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April 20, 2017

PTW PREMIUM STRETCH WIPERS ALLOW FOR A CLEAN AND STREAK FREE WIPE IN ALL DRIVING CONDITIONS To protect you and your family rain , hail and shine, make sure you replace your windscreen wipers. With winter coming it is vital to make sure your car is in top shape to handle winters road conditions. A...

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Welcome to our new local supplier the Geelong Brush company!

March 1, 2017

To welcome in 2017  we have added a new addition to our Australian owned suppliers, we welcome The Geelong Brush company. The company which was  Founded in 1936 by Victor C. Durran, which specialises in the Australia brush ware market.  Featuring a range of different brush products from mops, brooms and buckets, the company can supply...

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