It’s time to change your disinfectant.

September 1, 2018

Disinfectant is our go-to product to kill all those pesky germs that lurk within the workplace and home. Most of the time we all just use our favourite and get the job done. However, you should change your fragrance of disinfectant every 3 months for it to be effective.

Every 3 months you say? Yes that is the case. The reason being that those pesky germs get used to and adapt to the product after this time. This is why it is necessary to have disinfectants on rotation to be getting an effective clean every time

This is why M&R offer your favourite disinfectant in multiple scents to combat this issue.

The scents on offer.

–          Musk

–          Orange

–          Eucalyptus

–          Hospital grade

–          Jasmine

–          Lemon

For all Cleaning needs M&R’s cleaning chemicals are the best in the business. M&R can supply all businesses in the Geelong region and surrounds.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at M&R as we are always passionate about your business.