It’s time to change your car wipers

January 30, 2020

When you think of wipers you may think that the season you need them most is in winter with all the rain that comes our way. However, you may be surprised to find out that you may use your wipers more frequently in summer. Why do you ask? It is because often in summer sand, dust and bugs are more likely to meet your windshield. Hence you will need to use your wipers to remove this.


Now, this is the part where you will need them. Effective wiper should be able to remove debris with ease just as they would with rain. The reason they may not be doing the best job? The heat in the Australian climate in some wipers can be burning meaning an even wipe may not be occurring. This is why changing your wipers is a must in summer!


Our Hi-Tec multi-fit soft wiper is your go-to wiper. They are an innovative multi-fit design to fit European, American, Japanese and other Asian vehicles. They are made for all-weather and to suit all-season performance.


Visit here to find what wiper will suit your vehicle –


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