Clean your oven in less than five minutes.

July 5, 2019

Cleaning your oven doesn’t have to be hard with our Oven and BBQ cleaner.

Our advanced formula will cut through baked on grease and grime in only minutes, no scrubbing or scraping required – just wipe off for a mirror finish every time. It is ideal for cleaning ovens, BBQ grills and stainless steel.  All you have to do is apply the product neat to your surface.

What’s even better about M&R Chemicals are that they are Australia owned and made. This ensures ideal quality and safety for you.

For all Chemical needs, M&R’s Chemicals are the best in the business. M&R can supply all businesses in the Geelong region and surrounds. If you have any further questions please contact us at M&R as we are always passionate about your business.